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Thomas Jefferson once wrote: "God forbid we should ever be twenty years without such a rebellion."

Chivalry-Now inherits some of the legacy of Jeffersonian beliefs. It supports the idea that revolution needs to be constant, or at least perennial. The revolution it advocates, however, is not that of class or political radicalism, but that of mind and spirit.
    Why revolution? Because it carries with it a zeal for life. The revolutionary spirit is the antithesis of complacency and stagnation. It is energized by visionary ideals, sees potential where others see none, and then launches itself as a vehicle of change for a better world.
    Like all revolutions, it is solidly based on action and personal commitment.
    As fallible human beings, we naturally fall short of the ideals we hold dear. The most we can do is commit ourselves to achieving them as best we can. It is the personal struggle that follows that energizes who we are, pressing us into a fuller experience of the moment.
    The reward is nothing less than personal authenticity.
Authenticity consists of the on-going epiphany we experience when we engage life with full integrity of mind and spirit.
Please consider that carefully. When life is experienced as an “epiphany,” it engages us in the moment completely. Our minds break free from recurring thoughts and stale values, and places us right where we should be, in direct experience of here and now. Only then do we engage our minds entirely, and respond appropriately to the flow of time. Pristine consciousness. No longer trapped by distraction.
If we consider this mindset a revolution, it is important to understand what enemy we are we trying to tear down.
The internal enemy, the first we need to conquer, is the thick layer of prefabricated thought that blocks our encounter with truth. Living in the past, or living for the future, focuses our minds somewhere other than the here and now. The desire to fit-in or follow the crowd detracts from our complete participation. Clinging to values that others gave us, that we never fully examined and yet call our own.
The external enemies are peer pressure, political extremism, obtrusive marketing of greed, ignorance, prejudice, license to be intolerant.
These are all distractions from authenticity.
The revolutionary spirit, properly channeled, counters them all.


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