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Freedom Derived from Natural Law

Chivalry-Now bases its core message on a unique vision of freedom.
    It is our contention that a person needs more than just a lack of external restraints to be authentically free. There needs to be an awakening and involvement of the entire person. If that fails to happen, what, exactly, becomes free?
    By entire person, I mean the physical, spiritual, and intellectual parts, as one might expect. The difference goes one step further. It includes conscience. When we assert ourselves in complete accord with conscience, we elevate into freedom the depth of our being as well. Here we find the essence of human nature itself, the inner teacher and constabulary known as Nature's Law. Chivalry-Now, with its moral code of ethics, is a cultural expression of that law. As such, it provides a well-established means to be who we really are.
    Although to some extent all sane people have this sense of conscience, calling them to task while facing moral decisions, not everyone purposely taps into conscience as a conduit to Nature's Law, to unleash who we are. Only Nature's Law provides the claim to personal autonomy that makes real freedom possible.
    Simply put, there can be no freedom for the man or woman whose deepest nature remains in shackles — ignored, untouched or unresponsive. There is only the semblance of freedom, unearned, undeserved, with only rudimentary self-direction.
    The purpose of the Quest is to meld consciousness and conscience together to produce a more authentic person in relationship to life. We call this Grail Consciousness.
    There are enemies of conscience that work to prevent us from crossing the threshold to Nature's Law. These include a variation of the Seven Deadly Sins: anger, hatred, envy, excessive pride, excessive desire, excessive ambition, and, the most damaging, greed.
    For rational beings, however, there is more. There is ignorance to contend with as well. There is the constant distraction of consumerism that amounts to brainwashing. There are the emotional dictates of extremist ideologies. There is legalism. Emotionalism. Intimidation. Peer pressure. Relativism. And heart-dampening skepticism.
    Chivalry-Now helps dispel all those enemies of conscience by reminding us of the virtues that conscience extols, codifying them into simple ideals that nurture to the soul. (Chivalry-Now considers itself the language of the soul; when people hear it, their souls respond.) It imposes nothing, but seeks to inspire purpose and meaning that already exists within ourselves — our own humanity, manifest in freedom through Nature's law.
    Does this sound complicated? Let's reduce it to a simple form:
    We are born into this world incomplete, expecting to grow into abundant life as time goes on. If this growth is hampered or interrupted, the freedom we attain can only be partial. The undeveloped part of us remains shackled. Freedom becomes aimless, pointless, sometimes filled with unexplained remorse. By awakening to the resources of conscience, we awaken to Nature's Law, which completes us. We achieve the growth that human nature requires. The purpose of Chivalry-Now is to provide the vision and catalysts to make this happen, and to continue that growth throughout one's life.
    True freedom is derived from the activation of Nature's Law within ourselves. Where else does personal autonomy come from? The very meaning of autonomy is giving oneself one's own law. Where does that law come from, if not the natural law we are called on to express that defines us already?


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