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The Blessings of Knighthood

One should never aspire to knighthood for selfish purposes, such as for ego, recognition or prestige. The vocation would lose its meaning, and its title lessened.
    Proper knighthood, for Chivalry-Now at least, represents a solemn commitment to chivalry that is recognized by our Council of Knights. Because we are not an order as such, the proper title is "knight errant." The individual knight remains a free agent in relationship to chivalry, dedicated to the requirements of his or her own quest.
This makes the knighthood of Chivalry-Now different from those of other organizations. Autonomy and authenticity, the hallmarks of our intent, are thus preserved and encouraged. Our allegiance to the integrity of truth must always be first, even within our own fellowship.
    Despite the selflessness of pure chivalry implies, knighthood does bequeath certain blessings that are naturally derived from living an authentic life.

  • It is a blessing to know that you have freely dedicated yourself to a life of integrity, and are recognized by your peers as having done so. It represents a new beginning. Old ways of thinking are set aside. Your conscience is clear. Your future enlivened by the quest.
  • It is a blessing to know that you are not following someone else's lead or directions. As much as possible, you are self-made. Whatever progress you make is authentically your own. You express your own inner light as you experience the world around you.
  • It is a blessing to know that you cannot blame anyone else for your failures. It is the way of the coward to "pass-the-buck." Whatever evil you do will be yours alone to bear, but so will your accomplishments for good. The happiness you attain will be derived from your own decisions, not someone else's. Conscience becomes your guide, not peer pressure from those around you.
  • It is a blessing to know that mistakes are easier to forgive, because a knight's intentions are predominantly honorable. Never hesitate to apologize or compensate for your misdeeds.
  • It is a blessing to know that people trust you. The reputation you build is founded on high standards. Never betray that trust, or the standards, handed down to you from the past, that chivalry represents.
  • It is a blessing to know that chivalry makes you a better spouse, parent, child, sibling, lover, friend, workmate, employer and employee.
  • It is a blessing to know that genuine courtesy toward others, which is prominent in chivalry, contributes to the harmony of the world.

For all these reasons, and probably more, developing your life for the greater good should never thought of as a burden to be shunned or drearily accepted. It is a privilege that blesses a given life with purpose and meaning beyond the ordinary.


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