The International Fellowship of Chivalry-Now

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Our Goal & Challenge

What can we realistically expect from Chivalry-Now?
     More than we imagine.
     On a personal level, we can certainly expect a deeper, more rewarding appreciation of life, improved relationships and a strong sense of purpose. We will become more involved with what's truly important and make better choices in everything we do. We will discover what it means, first hand, to be men of honor.
     As men change for the better, society will change too. Freedom and equality will become more than convenient, patriotic slogans. Women will benefit as gender relations improve, bringing new harmony. Racial discrimination will end. Crime will dramatically decrease as what is best in our hearts replaces what is worst. Streets will be safer. Marriages stronger. Children will benefit across the board from family values that are real.
     Business practices will be more honest. Society more compassionate. Politics no longer the farce it is today. Popular religion will rediscover its spiritual center. Secularism will better define its ideals. Justice will be every man's concern. Greed will be replaced by healthy moderation.
     Men and women of conscience will unite as never before to eliminate disease, war and poverty. Selfish resistance will decline as more and more people respond to higher instincts.
     Chivalry-Now will succeed because it comes from who we are, and encourages who we can be. Right now we have thousands of individual reforms fighting uphill battles, at great public expense, because our leaders have failed to win the hearts of men — hearts bleeding to be won. By starting where we are, by rejuvenating the ancient pulse of our culture, the very best of what we believe in, the transformation will occur on a scale never before imagined.
     No mystery here. No magic formula. No supplications built on hope and desperation. No faith in market dynamics, that claim to win even as they lose. No coercion or indoctrination.
     Chivalry-Now unleashes the potential of humanity through the solid inspiration of our own ideals.
     Nothing could be more profoundly simple.
     As Knights, Companions, men and women of honor, all we need to do is live with conscience according to our own principles to reap the reward of authenticity. As people hear our words and see the example of our everyday lives, their own hearts will turn as well.
     This ever-expanding circle is our goal. It begins with a personal quest for truth and goodness. It grows or declines through our example, our commitment to raise sanity out of chaos.
     I believe that the cultural roots of Western civiliztion can provide this for the world at large. Even if we influence only those in the West, the world will still be better by default.
     Or we can go in the opposite direction.
     We can continue on the suicidal path we are on now, losing everything that is meaningful while clinging to the illusion that we are somehow winning by losing. We can rape the environment, abuse those we love, tolerate the poverty of our neighbors, burn oil so quickly that we eventually run out. We can watch our oceans rise and forests burn with global warming. We can look forward to eventual famine, catastrophic diseases, and ideological wars that never end.
     Or, we could build a new Camelot.
     The choice is ours.


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