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Damsel gazing at helmet.
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In order for chivalry to provide a complete code of behavior for men, it was necessary to include relationships with women as a topic for concern. This was understood in medieval times, when chivalry was first developed, as it is today.
      Women comprise half the world's population. They represent major priorities of the human species, including family, community, and civilized living. They are the finest partners men can hope for in the real world of everyday living. Fortunate is the man who has the love and close companionship of a good woman. Fortunate is the woman who has the love and close companionship of a good man.
      There are generalized differences between the sexes, and we are all better off because of them. This means it is right and good to honor those differences.
      Chivalry tells us to honor all women. Not just our wives, lovers or relatives. All women, regardless of age, race, religion or ethnicity.
      There is a subtle truth revealed in this mandate. Women represent birth, life and community to all of us. The continuation of our species revolve around their instincts and natural abilities. It is the responsibility of men to support them in this role. While history often infers that men should be conquerors and leaders, this is based on a philosophy of death rather than life. Our number one priority is to our wives and family.
      Chivalry recognizes this. It introduces the concept of romantic love to honor this relationship and its importance.

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