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Chivalry-Now - For the West Only?

Chivalry-Now has its roots in Western European culture.
     For some people, that simple claim might seem exclusionary.
     Even worse, it may associate Chivalry-Now with all the worst deeds that ever came out of Western Civilization-from imperialism to slavery to attempts at world domination.
     Such association, however, misses the entire point of what Chivalry-Now is all about.
     We believe that the historical reality of imperialism, slavery and tendencies toward dominance are the direct result of a Western culture that failed to live up to its true ideals. This is something we hope to repair.
     As to sounding exclusionary, Chivalry-Now should not be seen as new cultural icon for men of European extraction only. That would be an affront to the universality of the ideals we advocate.
The "culture" we are promoting is one of ideology rather than ethnicity. It did not form through happenstance, as most cultures do, but was painstakingly thought out as just, reasonable and humane. And while we do recognize that some cultures might disagree with those ideals, we nevertheless invite their consideration as a gesture of brotherly affection.
What is this "culture" of ideology? Surprisingly enough, it may be yours already.

  • If you believe in the sanctity of truth, justice and helping those in need, you might be leaning in our direction, no matter where you hail from.
  • If you believe in freedom, democracy and social equality, you may be an unsuspecting proponent of our cause.
  • If you believe in courteous behavior, compassion for other people, and that a person's character is more important than monetary wealth, then please, come inside and make yourself comfortable!
  • If you believe that there is an inherent moral center that defines what it means to be a man, welcome to our ranks! You may not want to call it Chivalry-Now, or join our Companionship, but that's okay. We are spiritual allies.

Race and ethnicity, in themselves, provide no barrier to the ideals of chivalry, so long as the mind is free. While in my writings I often focus on cultural problems in the West, the United States especially, that's because I live there and am trying to change things for the better in my own locale. Glean from them as you will, but never lose sight of your own community.
     Please keep in mind, I am not being an anthropologist. I do not claim to be an expert on other cultures or ethnicities, even my own.
     What I am, however, is an optimist who believes that human beings have far more in common than not, and that includes our dreams for a better world. I think there is power for good in holding and acting on such beliefs.
     I believe there is unity to be found in our highest aspirations. The trouble is, we get so caught up in our day-to-day struggles, we end up forgetting to apply our own ideals. Once we start seeing things with tunnel vision, our best impulses start to crumble. That's why a Western culture that fervently believes in freedom and equality and peace, once made slaves of other people, and slid into the making of preemptive war.
     The question comes down to this: Should we reject Western culture for the evils that it propagates, despite all its obvious benefits?
     Or correct things by reminding the West of its own ideals?
     The problems we face are not unique to Western society. They are shared by all human beings. We all have ideals that we fail to live up to.

     What we need is to constantly measure our motivations and actions by the measuring tape of our highest values.
In other words, it is time for all of us live up to our highest standards of beliefs.
The answer to war and crime and hatred is not found through diplomacy or therapy or stricter laws.
Either we find it in ourselves, or not at all.


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