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The Four Steps to Recovery
(Recovering what it means to be a man)

First comes the awakening. You hear the call of Chivalry-Now (here perhaps? right now?), and it appeals to your waking heart and mind with fascination. This is the most important step on the road to recovery. Not only does it make your personal quest possible, but in some respects, it begins your life. One cannot fully live until the soul is awakened and given purpose, even if that purpose is to find purpose.
      Second, you recognize that this appeal is not a passing fancy, or the remnant of some childhood dream. It is the essence of who you are as a man. It is nothing less than a call for real personal fulfillment. You live in a society that constantly overlooks this. The result? A dormant dissatisfaction that cripples men's lives, throwing away their true potential.
      Third, you actually embrace what this is calling for, which is nothing less than your personal quest and responsiveness to truth. You accept the richness of life, with all its challenges, heartbreaks and blessings.
      Fourth, you learn and you act. You think, and then think some more—always examining, always exploring. This is what life is all about. If you do not put your energies to improving the world you live in, if you do not help others, and instead think only of yourself, what good is your daunted strength? What legacy will you leave beyond the moment's forgotten pleasure?

The ideals follow in short order:

Courtesy toward others
Respect for women
Fighting for good causes
Defending the weak
Avoiding scandal and gossip

We invite you to take the first step, and may your heart never lead you astray.


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