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Liberate yourself from
the Tyranny of "isms"

Our need for truth is so great that it sometimes expresses itself in a manner contrary to its goal. It leads us to adopt pre-formulated beliefs or systems of thought that seem to provide primary answers. Irresistibly, we throw ourselves into one of numerous kinds of "isms," such as fundamentalism, communism, Socialism, Fascism, Nationalism, Liberalism, Conservatism… and yes, even Capitalism. Each of these well springs of answers provides a sense of security, identity, urgency, even myth, that appeals to our need for purpose, meaning and values. Our "ism" of choice then induces its own brand of tunnel vision and intolerance toward conflicting views, to the point where truth is expendable.

  • Creationists can never accept evolution, no matter how much evidence is attained.
  • Communism has to reject Capitalism as an existential threat, just as Capitalism rejects Communism.
  • Liberals and conservatives garner their very reason to exist from despising each other's point-of-view, resulting is such distorted caricatures as Al Franken, Rush Limbaugh, and Ann Coulture.
  • Racism needs to hate and condemn in order to viscerally justify claims that reasonable intelligence disallows.
  • Sexism gives a cowardly sense of value to men who otherwise find no value in themselves.

When one "ism" fails, we turn to another equally as boisterous and intolerant, drawing new battle lines while burning another set of bridges.
    We need to recognize these tendencies in order to conquer them.
    We need to reject these tendencies to avoid shaping Chivalry-Now into just another "ism," where proselytes rally to reject inconvenient truths for the sake of slogans and dogma.
    We need to free ourselves from straight-jacket thinking and take those first steps of manly independence, which means thinking for ourselves.
    It may not be easy. We may have invested a great deal of our lives to whatever orthodoxy we believe in. Orthodoxy can be a tyrant that implants itself in our souls, shaping our identities, feeding our insecurities, venting our frustrations, making freedom seem like too much of a risk.
    But freedom has powerful appeal as well.
    It does not offer cheap answers to profound questions, or an indoctrinated community of nodding heads. It may even be lonely at times, terrifying, challenging-but these are all symptoms of being alive, of experiencing life fully and directly. The answers we find on our personal Quests have the benefit of being real.
    There can be no integrity without freedom, free thought, free commitment and sacrifice, freely confronting enemies of the heart and dragons of the mind.
    Chivalry-Now radiates from this vision of freedom and innate morality. No matter what your "ism," your innate morality as a man stirs in its presence.
    It may not be enough. Your investment in prefabricated beliefs may be too great to turn away. Your anger may be too deep, your defenses too high, your self-esteem too low… Some bold faced lie might imprison you forever. Your families expectations might exceed your will to be free.
    Whatever excuse you cling to, one truth indicts your indolence for what it is. If there is anything about the call of chivalry that is real, it is this: deep in your heart of hearts, you know better. Deep in your soul you want to be free and good and valuable to others. Without that freedom and the release of moral integrity that it entails, you know that you're not fully alive, not really a man.
    It's possible that you know that your present beliefs are not true or good, but for you can't let go. The habit is too ingrained, the investment too large, the self-identity too fixed. Perhaps freedom scares you with its challenges.
    Nevertheless, you know better.
    The truth you deny is ultimately yourself. The path you reject is the path you were born for-your very life.
    This is where chivalry differs and ultimately denies all "isms." It claims no orthodoxy beyond the reality of unshackled conscience. It asks you not to lead or follow, but to stride forward at your own good pace, and on your own command. It asks you not to believe the unbelievable, but to search and find and keep searching still. The answers will reflect the vital questions that shape your very being.
    What is a man if not self-made? Or strong enough to choose a better path? Or be a liberator of all men and women, and a defender of what if good?
    Chivalry-Now is a philosophy rooted in the longing in men's souls that rejects the greed in their hearts. Once embraced, it make what is false no longer bearable.
    Who is the indispensable leader to whom you sacrifice your soul? The Pope? Marx? Lenon? Hitler? Adam Smith? Pat Robinson? Some walking, talking political façade?
    Can't you walk on your own?
Chivalry-Now provokes our complacency by asking tough questions:
Are we not men? Do we not inherit the legacy of knights?
Be strong, Brother. Step forward from your bondage and do what is right.


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