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The Flower of Chivalry

The Flower of Chivalry has yet to blossom. It exists in us only in potential and in our dreams of greater self.
      The final goal extends well beyond enticing men to follow an updated code of ethics. Our goal is a world that benefits from a positive resurgence of manhood that heals old wounds.
      Try to imagine for a moment, the sweet dream of civility, strength and compassion that a new form of chivalry could spawn in our enlightened age. A place where men and women respect each other not only for their similarities, but for their symbiotic differences. A world where equality is more than just a campaign slogan.
      Imagine men whose strengths are dedicated to the betterment of all rather than their own selfish advancement. Imagine politicians who reject spin and disinformation and partial truths, who respect us enough to speak from the heart.
      Grace and dignity would result in cleaner, safer cities. Personal responsibility and love for life would protect the air we breathe and water we drink. Reason would replace violence. Patriotism would guide us to finally raise the poor from poverty, and safeguard the health of all Americans.
      Justice would bring fairness to all our dealings, and conquer the lure of cheating. Loyalty would make friendships more true. Romantic love would not be so fleeting or shallow. Men could finally be proud to be men, and women proud to be women.
      Imagine a world where personal virtue is so common that no one could deny America its prominence as a true moral leader.
      Imagine men who were more concerned about making America proud of them, than being proud to be American.
Utopian dreams? Perhaps. But isn't every ideal a moral striving just outside our reach that we are called to serve? Camelot is one such dream, depicting an ideal reaching back to humanity's earliest desires for a world of peaceful coexistence and cooperation. Camelot, that fortified, golden city on a hill that thrived in the name of chivalry. Is that our final goal and inspiration? A society built on trust, honor and compassion?
Why not? What goal could possibly be more worthy?
While Chivalry-Now starts inside us, its goal is to transform society for the better. That means transforming people. Not through coercion. Not through propaganda. But through inspiration. By appealing to what is best in all of us.
When the flowers of chivalry blossom, our landscape will take on new and beautiful attire that all the riches of King Solomon could not compare with.


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