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Drunk with Deception
(added to the Secret Teachings)

The intoxicated man steps boldly forward to prove himself a fool. He speaks of what he does not know, and breaks what belongs to himself and others. He swaggers with self-importance, and fights when he should not. He hurts his wife and family, and becomes a sad burden on his friends.
     The intoxicated man laughs and weeps when neither is called for. He menaces the innocent and loses what is precious. He sees little of what surrounds him, and misunderstands what he sees. He assures everyone he knows what he is doing, even while disgracing himself. Caught in a stupor that he thinks he loves, he blasphemes against the life given him, not knowing how he sins against the spirit by doing so.

What intoxicates him? Sometimes drink, but also power, sometimes ignorance or delusion, or wealth or self-pity, or success, or words spoken cheaply, or letting others speak for him.

The inauthentic life is intoxicated
on its own poison!

He is no man who willingly plucks out his eyes, plugs up his ears and then thinks proudly of his accomplishments, which he neither sees nor hears, nor does he care what suffering comes from them.

Awaken now! Hope for the future beckons!
Poison your consciousness no more.


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