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An Exceptional Approach

What makes Chivalry-Now so appealing is its approach to initiating change.
     Rather than lead people according to a particular agenda, it inspires them to think for themselves. It appeals to their power of reason, rather than a herd mentality that seeks followers. We don't want people to "follow" Chivalry-Now. We want them to tap into what is in them already. We want to stimulate individual thought, not stifle it
     Chivalry-Now is not guided by extremism or political agendas, where the good ideas of one party are rejected by the other just to feed party distinctions. That sort of thinking is contentious, self-destructive, and leads to terrible mistakes — as we see every day. It invites unending rhetorical nonsense and the leadership of impostors, who bank their personal success on manipulating people's thoughts.
     Chivalry-Now is derived from something inside us already. The best part of us — something rooted in our culture that makes us who we are. We aren't creating something new, but returning something that was lost.
     Chivalry-Now doesn't demand that we believe the unbelievable, or base our resolve on faith. It invites us to delve into our own nature, see things as they are, and deal with them directly.
     Chivalry-Now is surprisingly comprehensive. It doesn't call men to love one another without reason, just for the sake of harmony. It makes men worthy of being loved, of being respectable. It tells us to develop ourselves as good citizens by paying attention to the moral dictates imbedded in our DNA.
     Chivalry-Now takes a reasonable approach to human development. It presents high ideals while recognizing that their purpose is for inspiration, not restriction — for presenting goals to strive for, not illusions of grandeur. Chivalry-Now fixes itself in reality. It recognizes that we are all imperfect. We have strengths as well as weaknesses. Sometimes we succeed with our best intentions. Sometimes we fail. The important thing is to do our best, learn from failure and try again. That is the essence of being human.
     Chivalry-Now does not believe in reward and punishment as reasons for good behavior. Reward and punishment may restrict our actions, but only by tainting our thoughts with selfishness. Instead, do what is good and right because it is the honorable thing to do.
     Chivalry-Now tells us to see social illusions for what they are. How else can truth ever be found? It questions the status quo — not in order to tear things down, but to learn, to understand and improve the world we live in.
     As a male ethic, Chivalry-Now does not heal men of their wounds, or dictate who they are, or force them into a particular ideology. It empowers men to heal themselves and take their rightful place in the world, alongside women as equal partners, to bring the kind of balance that we all benefit from.
     Chivalry-Now encourages the appreciation of female values from a male perspective — not as aggressors, or competitors, but as natural partners, whose different outlooks compliment each other. The sexes live in a symbiotic relationship to one another, and always have. We need to appreciate this for what it is. Unfortunately, this will never happen until men reclaim their rightful heritage as men, as equal partners contributing who we really are.
     Chivalry-Now is about the complete experience of life, intellectual, moral, spiritual. It seeks personal fulfillment, not through artificial channels of accumulating wealth, or rejecting desires, or submitting to the esoteric knowledge of some cult or leader. It concerns itself with the total man, who must stand responsively on his own two feet. Men are warriors for truth. Men are explorers. The rules we follow are those that make sense. We do not resist change, we facilitate it, especially when it brings us closer to who we really are.
     Chivalry-Now encourages strength in order to change things for the better, to love unafraid, to fight for things worth fighting for, and enjoy the kind of blessings gained from right living. Strength is often deemed suspect, and for good reason. When misdirected, it easily leads to war and abuse. That happens when we forget that the purpose of strength is to follow the hero's path in sanctifying the world with purpose and meaning.
     Chivalry-Now does not disdain weakness. On the contrary, it defends those who are weak or helpless. It calls for empowerment for just causes. Power without justice is like strength without compassion — a halfway measure that produces halfway results.
If you are a man, know that Chivalry-Now is inside you. It is yours. Reach into the depth of your soul and take it.
We're here when you're ready.


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