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A Bright Alternative

A philosopher from India once said that we live in a neurotic society. He asked, quite pointedly, if it is right to feed our own neuroses in order to fit in? If, for example, we turn to neurotic professionals for help, will they not treat us with their own neuroses to provide a cure? Is there no way to free ourselves from neurotic behavior?
     The questions are worth pondering in a world where chivalry is considered too outmoded to be taken seriously. Between what, exactly are we choosing? A poor excuse for sanity on one side, and an ancient custom on the other? Is our moral climate so exemplary that we need not look for something better?
     Conventional wisdom shapes us into conventional people. How else could it be?
     Where do conventional treatments and therapies lead? Fitting in with a world where personal liberation has no place? Is that the best we can hope for?
     Or the best that a broken society has to offer?
     Chivalry, in some form, is part of our moral DNA. It cannot be ignored without serious consequences. We see those consequences all around us! In overcrowded prisons; in the disparity of rich and poor; in religions bent on providing entertainment rather than unveiling true revelations; in failed national policies that would turn our planet into a desert to increase temporary profits. This is the insanity we live in, an insanity that turns its back on chivalry for urging free thought and moral strength.
There are serious problems in the world. Serious challenges that must be met by people no longer shackled by the vagrancies of convention, or by a conflict with their monetary investments.

     There is love to be found that exceeds conventional expectations.
     There is justice that blossoms from the heart, not from legal documents.
     There is a vision of life that arrogance does not hinder.
     There are heroic acts waiting for heroic men.
     There is truth to be found by opening one's heart.
     There is a new life that flows from high ideals.

We call it chivalry, Chivalry-Now.


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