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Glimpses from the Stone Tower Glenn Renaissance Faire


Natural stone formations resembling towers at Mt. Solon, Virginia..

Greeting from our own Companion and gracious host, Sir Black Wolf.

The Chivalry-Now tent, with Sir Dean (in tights, wishing that he was not).

Lynne, Sir Dean's wife, best friend and partner—all in one.

Quiet moment at the tent with Lynne, Sir Dean and Sir Black Wolf.

A momentous occasion! The first time that three Chivalry-Now Companions
meet in person. Sir Dean, Sir Black Wolf, and Sir Edward.

In the tent beside Chivalry-Now, stayed a Teutonic Knight named
Sir Heinrich (Dave)
. He was assisted by his young squire, Ely, and his
knight-in-training, Ethan. His daughter and her friend are also
in the picture.

Sir Heinrich's knightly accouterments.

Sir Heinrich ready for battle with his dedicated men-at-arms.

On the other side of the Chivalry-Now tent was a man named Larry,
who was selling Osprey books and miniatures. For two days
he was a friendly and welcomed part of the CN circle.
We hope to hear more from him.



















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