The Quest  leads where each of us needs to go.

Imagine, for a moment, the sweet dream of civility, strength and compassion that a new form of chivalry could spawn in our enlightened age. A place where men and women respect each other not just for their similarities, but for their symbiotic differences as well. A world where equality is more than just a campaign slogan.
Imagine men whose strengths are dedicated to the betterment of all rather than just their own advancement. Imagine politicians who reject spin and disinformation and partial truths, who respect us enough to speak from the heart.
      Grace and human dignity would result in cleaner, safer cities. Responsibility and love for life would protect the air we breathe and the water that we drink. Reason would replace violence. Patriotism would guide us to raise the poor from poverty, and safeguard the health of all citizens.
      Justice would bring fairness to all our dealings and conquer the lure to cheat. Loyalty would make friendships more true. Romantic love would not be fleeting or shallow. Men could naturally be proud to be men, and women proud to be women.
      Imagine a world where personal virtue is so common that no one could deny the West as a true moral leader.
      Imagine human-pride replacing ego-pride, so that freedom attains its own full potential, and humanity finally becomes what it can be.
      What do you think? A dream worth building?
      Chivalry-Now can only transform society by transforming people—one at a time. Not through coercion. Not through propaganda. But through inspiration—by appealing to what is best in all of us.
      Let us join together in serving as the first-fruits of this grand possibility!

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